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French people share what they really watch, read, and listen to in our series of short interviews, all en français. But t’inquiète pas, we’ve translated them into English too.
Francophile Alesa shares her favorite French songs, movies, books & more

Interview avec… Alesa

I’m Alesa and I’m an American from Kansas who’s lived in France for over 8 years. Although I may not be French (not yet anyway, fingers crossed for my nationality request 🤞🏼), I am the lifelong Francophile behind Fun From France.

French flag and France supporters celebrating the World Cup win in 2018

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Who Oui Are, What Oui Do, & Why Oui Do It

Bonjour, and please pardon the puns! Je m’appelle Alesa and I’m the founder of Fun From France. Our site rounds up the best of French culture, en français, so you can immerse yourself in the language in a fun and authentic way even if you don’t live in France. Discover French movies, songs, series, and more based on your interests and get authentic recommendations from des vrais Français.